Hate Working Out? Go Dancing!

dancing workout

My sister and her family dancing!

I moved out of my apartment and when I was saying goodbye to my 77-year-old neighbor Ralph, we ended up striking up a long conversation. I love Ralph -- born and raised in Brooklyn and lived on the same block for most of his life. He was telling about how what he misses most because of his declining health is dancing.

I told him about the salsa classes offered just down the street, thinking maybe he would be interested in going, help get the blood flowing -- he did tell me his doctor wants him to exercise more.

He told me he doesn't like to go out much.


Dancing burns lots of calories -- you can check to see how many if you plug in your weight, duration of dancing, and what kind of dancing you are going to be doing at Self magazine's calorie burning calculator.

The proof is seeing how trim and tone the celebrities get on Dancing with the Stars. And though I haven't seen it, there is a show called Dance Your Ass Off. Not sure the progress there, but....

My mom goes dancing a lot, and she's in great shape.

I wish Ralph would go dancing. Maybe he'll go with me when I'm ready to workout after my twins are born.

Do you go dancing instead of to the gym?

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