Motherhood and Its Emotional Paradoxes

paradox of motherhood, complex feelings

Photo by damira

I wrote last week about Moms Who Like to Be Alone. I mean, it's funny... motherhood and being alone don't exactly go hand in hand. However, based overwhelmingly on your comments on that post, the desire to be alone is still a very real component of motherhood.

So this got me thinking about the many paradoxes of motherhood. Gosh, there are so many. This role we get to play is never one dimensional, that's for sure.


Other paradoxical feelings I've experienced in motherhood:

  1. I'm so happy to be carrying a baby, but I hate being pregnant.
  2. I love my children, but they drive me crazy.
  3. I'm glad I chose to have kids. I hate not having time to complete things.
  4. I love getting away. I love coming home.
  5. I wish they'd go away; when are they coming back?
  6. I have a family, and I'm lonely.
  7. I love making fun plans with my kids. I love making fun plans without my kids.
  8. I can't take anymore! (while taking everything from high-pitched screaming and a diaper blowout to a meltdown and family-wide stomach flu outbreak)

What contradictory feelings have you experienced since becoming a mother? Any of these or others?

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