Do You Look Like Your Dog?

dogs and owners

Photo by Peajewel

Two cuties!

The other day Mr. Cafe Suzanne and I saw a dog and his owner, and they could have been twins! They do say that owners look like their dogs or that dogs look like their owners. Here's my theory on that.


This is totally unscientific, but I think that owners tend to choose dogs that kind of look like them—so the gray-haired, blue-eyed guy chooses a husky, and the jowly big-browed man gets himself a bulldog. I think it's super sweet.

Now get this: Real scientists have actually researched the theory that dogs and owners look alike, and while their conclusions are mixed,some studies have found that "people look for certain traits or predispositions when choosing a dog that reflect their own personalities."

The New York Times decided to put the theory to the test, and asked readers to submit photos of themselves and their dogs so we readers could see for ourselves whether there's a resemblance.

Do you look like your dog?

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