Boost Endurance With Red Apples, Green Tea

boost endurance with red apples

Ugh. This weekend I could barely make it through my jogging workout. I think the 90 percent humidity had something to do with it. But I also just felt tired. Not the "usual workout" tired, but the "I want to get into my bed and never get out of it" tired.

After reading this article, I'm wondering if maybe I don't have enough quercetin in my daily diet...


Quercetin is an antioxidant found in red apples, red onions, berries, cabbage, broccoli, and green and black teas. New research suggests that quercetin may help to relieve fatigue during exercise.

In a recent study, researches measured the number of minutes participants could ride a stationary bike. The participants were then given a quercetin supplement for seven days and measured again. Researches found that participants' fitness had improved: Their  maximum oxygen uptake increased by 4 percent and their ride time increased by 13 percent. These results suggest that quercetin does indeed increase exercise endurance.

I eat lots of berries and cabbage, but I do think I could add some more apples and green tea to my diet.

Are you getting enough quercetin? How do you combat fatigue during workouts?

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