Living With Your Parents: How Old Is Too Old?

living home as adultsShould some habits and practices have an age limit?

What CafeMoms think about people who live with their parents as adults ...

-- I moved out at 19, worked two jobs, and paid for my education and rent. I think moving out earlier made me more responsible. I have a male friend whose wife lived at home until she was almost 30, but she refuses to do any housework. I think it has something to do with her staying home so long. -- Princefan6684

-- I think once you're married or have kids it's time to grow up and move out. -- anonymous

-- It depends. My brother is 26 and lives at home. He pays rent and buys his own things. He has a little left on a large school loan to pay off and my parents are fine with him there. We also live with my parents right now (I'm 24) while we are looking at homes. Since we lost ours in a hurricane last year. But we also pay rent and buy our own things. -- SunnyJoJo



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How old is too old to live at home as a grown-up?

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