Am I Being Selfish?

mom feeling selfish

Photo by cozycabinmom

My friend has a house in Woodstock, NY, and she's planning a weekend ladies only getaway, inviting some friends to spend a couple of days tubing, hiking, antiquing, and/or relaxing in her little cottage in the woods.

I'm so excited! I'm five months pregnant with twins and feel this may be one of the last times I get to do something like this in a long, long time. Plus, I need to breathe in some country air!

Here's the falls on the same weekend as my niece's second birthday.


I'm very close with my sister and her daughter Tennessee -- I see or talk to them daily, we live close and do lots of things together. I hate that I will be missing T's birthday, but I'm feeling strongly about going on this girl weekend. I'll be a mama of twins by the end of the year, so am I entitled to be a bit selfish now?

I talked to my sister about it this past weekend. Told her how I felt bad, but I wasn't going to make the party and hoped that she was OK with that. She was great about it...even said she wishes it was a different time so she could go, too.

Still, I feel guilty.

What do you think? Selfish of me or do I deserve a little vacay with my girl friends?

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