Do You Have a Workout Partner?

Usually I'm pretty regimented in my exercise routine. But this summer, for some reason, I'm finding it difficult to get motivated. Do you know what I mean?

To get motivated, I recently joined a Women's Exercise Group, which meets for 30-60 minutes every Wednesday evening at the sports store near my house. It's great! There's a specified 1.5 mile route through the neighborhood and everyone goes at their own pace.  Some women jog; some women speed-walk. One women even brought her adorable 18-day-old baby last week and walked with him in the stoller!

The best part? I'm not only meeting people, it's also getting me to workout more!


Studies show that working out with a partner or group can improve your fitness results. That's because you're more likely to workout if you know someone else is counting on you (instead of pushing snooze on the alarm clock one more time). Also, workout buddies can motivate each other to exercise harder. And being social with someone during the workout breaks up the tedium and makes the time go faster.

For me, I like the competition of working out with someone else—it makes me want to workout harder!

Look online at your local gym, yoga studio, or sports/running store to see if there are exercise groups you could join or other people looking to pair up. You could even post a note that you are looking for a workout partner on your gym's bulletin board.

Do you have an exercise partner?

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