Keep Track of Exercise With Internet Pedometer

This is a map of the loop (pink outline) I used to walk/run a few mornings each week last summer. (We've since moved.) I had no idea how long it was—exactly 1.439 miles—until I mapped it using the handy little "Map Your Route" tool I found on


If you're new to walking or jogging (or even well on your way!), this is a great way to keep track of how far you go. It's incredibly simple to use:

  1. Find your starting location by entering a zip code, landmark, city, or full address.
  2. Click to place your first marker, which will represent the start of your route.
  3. Continue placing markers until your route is complete.

There's several of these Google Maps/Pedometer tools on the Internet. I happen to like this one because it's so easy to use and has automatic pan. Now, I'm off to map how far it is to walk to the grocery store...

Do you track your exercise/miles using a pedometer on the Internet?

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