Do You Hate Your Birthday?

hate your birthday

Photo by LelandsMommy

Some people don't like their birthday. I'm not one of them...and I'm over 30! I love birthdays -- my own and other people's -- and I enjoy celebrating in some way even if it's just sharing some cupcakes with family.

Not liking to celebrate your birthday is called bonanniversairaphobia.

I am totally joking on that -- I just made it up.


Hating your birthday could be a fear of getting older, which is called Gerontophobia (I'm serious) or maybe those people just don't like others making any kind of fuss over them.

But I am a little bit of a Gerontophobe...who wants to get old?

Self magazine writer Lucy wrote a great post on 4 reasons to love every birthday. She said:

  • Your self-esteem grows each year.
  • You have the ability to snap out of funks more easily.
  • Bonds you have with others will grow.
  • Prioritizing is easier. 

What do you think of birthdays? Do you hate them? If so, why?

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