Organic Food is No Healthier Than Regular Food


organic food not healthierI always eat organic. Based on everything I had ever read, it was the healthier way to go—better for me and for the planet. But according to a new report, organic food is no healthier than ordinary food.

Independent researchers in Britain analyzed more than 160 studies about the health benefits of eating organic and concluded that while there were a small number of nutritional differences between organic and conventionally produced food, those difference weren't large enough to be of any public health relevance.

Overall the report, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found no differences in most nutrients in organically or conventionally grown crops, including in vitamin C, calcium, and iron. The same was true for studies looking at meat, dairy and eggs.

The researchers did not examine pesticides or the environmental impact of organic farming versus conventional farming.

Despite all this, I think I'm going to stick with organic. It's really the health detriments of conventional food (pesticides) that worry me, not whether I'm getting more nutrients from organic or not.

What about you? Do you eat organic? Does this study make you reconsider?

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auror... aurorabunny

Great example Sarahbrown!

This study is like saying that chemical free cleaners don't clean BETTER than ones that are full of poison.  DUH.  That's not what makes them better, it's the fact that it's not toxic!

Busym... Busymama07

This is so stupid. Of course there aren't more vitamins and minerals, that's not what makes organic healthier.

lori232 lori232

Just live it to the news media and governments to totally miss the point.  Most people that I know who buy organic do it to that they are not getting any of the extras that come along with conventionally grown produce. 

tlmason tlmason

This is so not true. It is simply a propaganda stunt to convince consumers to keep buying the low-qaulity mass produced, toxic pesticide laden crap the big corporate growers are selling us.


Fallaya Fallaya

I don't eat organic, and have no plans to do so. I have a few friends who eat organic, and they spend up to twice as much for groceries than I do!  I've never been convinced that it's better to eat oganic...

trelimon trelimon

i will still by organic in orrder to limit the body burden everyone in my family has. i cant stop the fact that some chemicals are in our systems because its in the air but i can limit what goes in through our mouths by buying wisely. for those of you who think its better to buy cheaply made and basically poisned foods, you might want to research body burdens and looks at the list of over 100 chemicals in your body. i believe the cdc came out with its 2009 chemical list already, i'm talking flame retardents, pesticides, etc. makes me sick to think about.

happy... happyforever

let's not forget that money is a big motivator.  I don't know if I trust the nutritionists out there that are bought out by the big industries that are trying to discourage people from going back to the natural world.  To me, this is just plain talk, if you go to the AmericanDepartment of Agriculture website, you will know the truth.  The pesticides used are a cheaper and easier way to grow crop.  Also, they inject hormones to make fruits and veggies grow faster than natural and in vast amounts, this process doesn't allow enough time for fruits and vegetables to aquire all the nutrients.  THis results in fruits and veggies to be of low quality and yes, more bland and healthy.    The use of chemicals and playing with nature will always backfire.  Our body is organic so why feed it plastic???

sodapple sodapple

we try and eat organic whenever possible and i disagree especially when it comes to pestecides and harmful chemicals that they do put on non-organic food.

TippyD TippyD

we have been switching over to organic food for the last few months since dd started eating solids. DUH there is not a difference vitamin wise!! it is the pesticides and hormones that are the difference!! I will take the non hormone injected meats, non genetically altered fruits and veggies, and oh yeah pesticide free foods at higher cost thank you very much! DH and I are actually looking into buying a cow ;) it should be fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nonmember avatar Heather

We didn't switch to organic because it was more nutrient-dense. We know it's not. We switched because my son was having skin problems, and it was recommended by his dermatologist. I'm also a RN, and I work in a pediatric ICU. I see kids that are 9- and 10-years-old with mustaches, pubic hair and breast development! I don't want the extra growth hormones going into my kids. My son just turned 4; I don't want half of his childhood to be over at such a young age.

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