Do You Keep a Diary?

online diaryI've had many diaries. The ones from my teenage years are hilarious when I read them now. Oh the worries of youth!

All my diaries today are online. I Journal here on CafeMom and also have two blogs where I write down thoughts and feelings. Granted, it's not the same thing as having a little book on the side of my bed where I write down some of my innermost and personal thoughts, but they have some grit sometimes and besides, I find it therapeutic.


A lot of people feel that writing down your thoughts can help reduce stress and it also helps you to express yourself.

Cafe Sheri offered some great tips to get your kids journaling, some ideas you can use for yourself, too. Oh and would you read your child's diary? My mom read mine years ago. I was so mad!

Do you keep a diary? Online or in a private book?How much do you reveal? Do you feel it's therapeutic?

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