Find Your Favorite Workout Music

Flierfly's son works it on out.

I cancelled a gym membership once because the music was so bad. Seriously, I couldn't sweat to their crusty oldies. When I work it, I need bass, a beat, a tad of anger and a lot of passion. I need Missy Elliott or maybe Josh Groban.


Doximama like songs about cheating. She answered a question about workout music: "Just thinking back to when I was cheated on makes me so angry and hurt that I want to show them what they're missing, lol."

High five, girl.

I also found this creative website that helps me load my iPod before any kind of workout, whether that's pushing my big old baby in his stroller or hitting the treadmill at my new gym. You can find just about any mix you like at InTheGym.

I'm feeling feisty. I'm going to try Banging HipHop Workout Playlist featuring Wiz Khalifa (whoever that is) and Shawty Lo.

What do you listen to when you exercise? Cleaning-the-house music counts.

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