Can Your Dog Help You Lose Weight?

Many people find that walking the dog is a good way to shed some extra pounds. But did you know there's another way that your furry friend can help you to lose weight?


A restaurant critic for a newspaper in San Francisco says he avoids overeating by giving leftovers to his dog, Sheba. Specifically, he tries to save a third to one half of his protein (chicken, beef, pork—but not fish) from each restaurant meal to bring home in a doggie bag. (I think it goes without saying that the meals do not contain any raisins, chocolate, chicken bones, or other foods that are dangerous for dogs.)

Sounds like a great way not only to keep extra pounds off me, but to put extra pounds on my poor dog!

Portion control is absolutely a good strategy for losing weight. But do we want to lose weight at the expense of our dog's health? I think not.

What do you think? Is saving leftovers or bringing home a doggie bag for your dog a good way to watch your weight?

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