Eye Twitching: Why?!

eye twitchingI'm afraid to even write about this because my right eyelid just stopped twitching last week after about two week of twitches. It happens every so often and it drives me nuts!

My brother-in-law's eye was twitching for over a week, too.

What the heck is up with eye twitching?


This is what I've heard from others:

  • It's from stress.
  • It's from being tired.
  • I need potassium -- eat a banana.

But what's the real deal?

All of them are correct!

MedicinePlus reports that eye twitching, or eyelid spasms, are the result of stress, too much caffeine, and fatigue.

And Suite101 offers up those and also the fact that dry eyes and allergies can contribute to your eyelid twitching. And guess what has the minerals to help with dry eye? Bananas!

Contact your doctor is your eye twitch is overly excessive and causes your lid to close.

Have you ever experienced eyelid twitches?


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