Moms Reveal Weight Loss Secrets

weight loss secrets

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You already know what to do to lose weight -- eat less and exercise more. But sometimes hearing how other moms do it successfully can inspire you to stick to the plan.

How moms in the Newcomer's Club dropped pounds for good:

-- I restricted my calories to 1,350 per day. Once I was down to the 11-30 lbs range, then I dropped to 1,200 per day. I found that eating more protein and fiber in my diet helped tremendously with my appetite during the terrible crunchy-munchy time of my day (mid afternoon). Spreading the calories out to do three meals and one to three snacks worked for me.

-- Weight Watchers. The slower you loose the more likely you will keep it off. WW helps you find foods that are good for you and helps you change your habits. I lost 11 pounds so far and still working on it.


-- Gym four days a week. The other days I walk. And of course eating right, but every so often I have a cheat day.

-- Cut out processed foods, sugar and soda and you'll probably see a big change in yourself.  You also have to make sure that you eat enough or you won't lose weight because your body will think that it is starving.

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What is your best weight loss secret or tip?

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