Things We Dislike About Being a Woman

things you dislike about being a woman

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Just for fun ... CafeMoms dish on some of the things that annoy them about being a woman:

-- When you bend over to pick up something and your boob/boobs fall out of your bra; then you're standing there trying to adjust yourself so that people don't see.

-- The way some ethnic groups of men stare at me, even when I'm looking my worst. Creeps me out.

-- Hair removal, especially bikini area.

-- The "better than you" attitude of many moms of high schoolers I've come across.

-- That men can get away with being a little overweight, but women are ridiculed for it.


-- The fear of going out at night.

-- The whole hairstyle thing. Men have it so much easier.

-- Men thinking I need them to fix things for me. I can build a house from drawing the plans to decorating, and thanks all you guys, but I can do my own auto repairs too!

-- Always feeling like I have to work twice as hard as any guy to receive any recognition. Feeling like it's "my job" to contribute financially and be successful that way, but it's also "my job" to maintain the household and family. To sum it up: being pulled from too many directions!

-- Not being able to just whip our pants down and pee wherever and whenever we need to.

-- All those friggin' emotions!

Find more things moms dislike about being a woman, and add yours to the list in comments ...

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