3 Steps to Sexy, Sculpted Arms

When I work out (those rare occasions), I always think about my legs first and then my stomach. If I have a few minutes left and I feel like it, I'll do a few biceps and triceps.

But my arms always get short shrift, even considering that I bare my arms way more than my legs.

My office is so hot in the winter that I often wear T-shirts. I wear tanks on top of leggings around the house.

A toned arms and back would improve my posture and make me look taller and thinner, because it would put everything in proper proportion.


Because dumbbells bore me, and because I don't like having them in the house where the kids could commandeer them as weapons, I've taken to using resistance bands. I feel as good a burn as dumbbells and machines, and they tuck away easily.

I found a three-move arm workout at self.com using resistance bands. You'll need to register to see the model demonstrate it, or here are the moves:

The thinker

Works biceps, triceps

Sit in a chair with feet wide. Place one end of band under left foot; grip other end with right hand, arm straight, elbow resting on right inner thigh. Curl arm toward shoulder (as shown). Lower arm. Do 12 reps. Switch sides; repeat.

Twofold row

Works triceps, back

Stagger feet hip-width apart with left foot in front of right. Place middle of band under left foot and grip one end in each hand, arms down. Drive elbows up and back, squeezing shoulder blades toward spine (as shown). Lower arms. Do 12 reps.

Front raise

Works shoulders

With feet hip-width apart, place one end of band under right foot. Grip other end with right hand, palm facing thigh. Lift straight arm forward to shoulder height (as shown). Lower arm. Do 12 reps. Switch sides; repeat.

Do you work your arms as much and as well as your legs and core, or are they needing of some attention too?

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