Who's Hotter: You or Your Significant Other?

ugly guys pretty womenThey say that opposites attract—and while I'm pretty sure "they" were talking about personalities, I think it's often true when it comes to looks.


Have you ever noticed how a lot of not-so-good-looking men have uber gorgeous women on their arms? I've seen the reverse too—cute guys with not-so-attractive women—but not as often.

If those couples love each other, that's great, and who are we to judge? But that's not always the case. I suspect the young, up-and-coming starlet is feeling something other than love when she's dating the old-enough-to-be-her-father, Academy Award-winning director.

Don't get me wrong, I didn't date for looks and I'm positive no one's dated me because of mine. It just sometimes seems like something's out of order in the universe when a couple isn't of equal attractiveness and one is glaringly better looking than the other.

Have you ever noticed couples that don't seem to "match"? Would you ever date someone you didn't find attractive? Do you think you and your current partner have been equally blessed in the looks department—or is one of you hotter than the other?


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