Prescription Drug Abuse: Big Problem

prescription drug abus

Photo from A&E's Intervention

As most reports are speculating, prescription drug abuse could be what killed Michael Jackson. It also took the lives of Heath Ledger, Anna Nicole Smith, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe...and the list goes on.

And there are countless non-famous people who abuse prescription drugs, which often leads to death and/or severe rifts in families.

It's so hard to talk about addiction when it's your mother, sister, father, brother, or child. And it's also often hard to see the signs that prescription drugs are being abused...until it's too late.


According to the White House's Office of Natural Drug Control, prescription drug abuse, specifically pain killers, is the second most abused drug for teens and young adults, right behind marijuana. They also offer information on what you can do to prevent your child from abusing prescription drugs.

Have you ever watched the show Intervention? It really shows the reality of this situation. And a theme that is so common is how hard it is to talk about when you see a member of your family abusing drugs.

Drug abuse is a tough topic for me to talk about -- it has affected my family...taken loved ones. I thought if I wrote about it, it might not only help me, but others help others.

Have prescription drug abuse affected your life in some way?

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