Prescription Drug Abuse: Big Problem

prescription drug abus

Photo from A&E's Intervention

As most reports are speculating, prescription drug abuse could be what killed Michael Jackson. It also took the lives of Heath Ledger, Anna Nicole Smith, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe...and the list goes on.

And there are countless non-famous people who abuse prescription drugs, which often leads to death and/or severe rifts in families.

It's so hard to talk about addiction when it's your mother, sister, father, brother, or child. And it's also often hard to see the signs that prescription drugs are being abused...until it's too late.

According to the White House's Office of Natural Drug Control, prescription drug abuse, specifically pain killers, is the second most abused drug for teens and young adults, right behind marijuana. They also offer information on what you can do to prevent your child from abusing prescription drugs.

Have you ever watched the show Intervention? It really shows the reality of this situation. And a theme that is so common is how hard it is to talk about when you see a member of your family abusing drugs.

Drug abuse is a tough topic for me to talk about -- it has affected my family...taken loved ones. I thought if I wrote about it, it might not only help me, but others help others.

Have prescription drug abuse affected your life in some way?



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Agent... AgentBrez

i love Intervention. such a great show. there isnt anyone is my family that is addicted to presciption meds, but my brother tried to commit suicide by overdosing on one of his bi-polar disorder meds. i was at college when it happened, about 6 hrs away. it was hard to be away. my family didnt feel i could do anything if i went home, so i just prayed, prayed, prayed.

DreaK... DreaKevAiyana

My best friend was addicted to pain killers (along with some other horrible hardcore drugs).  He's been clean for almost 3 months now, the longest since he was a child (seriously!).  My DH's best friend is addicted to any and all prescriptions he can get his hands on.  He's about to go on house arrest & probation and still can't get clean.  My BIL is probably sitting in jail right now since his probation officer put a warrant out for his arrest yesterday because he failed a drug test.  He's addicted moreso to some hardcore drugs, but since prescriptions are so easy to get down here he just does that.  And those are the 3 closest people to me that are dealing with addictions to prescriptions.  All the rest (yes there are many) are not in my life anymore.

Annette4 Annette4

I have a 17 yr old son that is abusing scripts (not his own, but whoever's he can get his hands on) over the counter meds are another huge rising problem.. ever hear of Triple C's and DMX?  Common cold meds if taken in the right amount and sometimes along with another substance causes hallucinogenic effects.

I just heard about this show yesterday! We don't have cable, so I am going to see about ordering it. OMG, this country needs to wake up to our rising problems in our youth. It's not just marijuana anymore!

My son is in juvy as I type this, and we are working on transfering him to a rehab facility. He used to be a straigh A student, responsible, has held a job for a year, and this downward spiral  happened pretty quickly.

I have spent the last 10 days trying to find a program for him before he ended up in juvy. It sucks.. there is nothing in our community other than outpatient therapy that either costs a fortune or isn't worth the time of day!

Trying to save your children in today's world is damn near impossible. I went through (going through)  so much crap trying to get my son into a program, I almost gave up.  But it's a new day and I will start all over.  I won't give up on my son. He is too important and is going to make a great mark in our world one day.

anast... anastasia91

Dont give up. My mom didnt and im still struggling with it. Just try  to understand that this is an opiate addiction. i went to three different rehabs. it is the hardest addiction to overcome, considering oxycontin, is pure heroin. You literally get hooked the first time you take it. the withdrawls are horrible. Also remember that anything your son did while taking scripts was in result of his body  being taken over this horrible disease. Im not trying to make an excuse for using this crap, but it seriously takes over you and once sober its horribly painful to think about what you did just for pills.

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