Sarah Palin Is Running For...

sarah palin running

Photo by Michael Nagle/Getty

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sick of hearing about Sarah Palin and whether she's running for president or running away from office as governor. But in the August issue of Runner's World, the former Vice Presidential candidate talks simply about...running?


Yup. Palin reveals in a lengthy interview with the magazine that she has been running for the last 35 years. She talks about running marathons, running to get rid of her pregnancy weight, and about how she was frustrated during the campaign when John McCain's staff didn't give her time to workout.

Palin looks in shape, but I didn't realize she was such a serious athlete. I (try to) run occasionally as a workout so maybe, just maybe, Sarah Palin and I have a little more in common than I thought?

Did you know Sarah Palin was such a serious athlete?

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