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So, how's your summer going? Or, as back to school is still about a month or more away, maybe I should I ask: How is your EMOTIONAL health going?

Are you walking around the house, bored out of your mind, counting the days before the kids go back to school and you can get some time to yourself?

Or, are you relaxing and savoring the days free from the homeschooling curriculum, chauffeur duty to sports practices, and late-night homework sessions?

Tell me ...



How are you coping with the kids home from school?

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What are your plans for the first day of school? Will you get a manicure? See a movie? Clean the house?

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Minst... MinstrelMommy

I'm enjoying having them home.  :-)  We're still tossing around the idea of homeschooling, so I'm not sure yet what we'll be counting down

elism... elismom122003

My son starts kindergarten this year, although he has been in preschool for 2 years, but it doesn't feel the same. I'm sort of sad and excited for him at the same time. Although I go back to school too right after him, and we are due to have our little girl any day so I will be quite busy.

athenax3 athenax3

OMG...please let me go to sleep and just wake up on their first day back!! My kids are older (11 & 16) and most of thier friends are out of town for most if not all of the summer- they are bored and lonely and miserable and following me around with these awful faces that I can't do anything about- I have a toddler and I'm pregnant as well and my older two are draining the life out of me!! lol. with my toddler a game of uno or reading some books and she's the happiest person on earth- tada- but those older kids are not so easy and I can not wait for school to start.

coley... coleyBoosmom

I love our life @ home during the summer!

mmmom... mmmommy0207

I can't wait. My 7yo is so bored, I think she's getting depressed. lol I look foreward to hearing about her day after school, and I miss having more of a schedule a lot.

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