Bathroom Crimes Women Commit

bathroom etiquetteSome people keep messy houses, yes, but there is something called courtesy and etiquette and perhaps another word my pregnancy brain cannot think of right now when I think of how we should treat public bathrooms.

Shouldn't we treat them with respect? If we all were neat and tidy when we used them, wouldn't the world be a slightly better place? This is for the restroom in the rest stop as well as your office loo.

Women commit serious bathroom crimes...perhaps even worse than men. But why? No one may ever know the psyche behind it, but let's have a good laugh, shall we? Maybe we can help spread the word...and the clean.


I read this post on Jezebel and had a good laugh. The writer, Sadie, points out that we are bad citizens.

Here's my list for the worst bathroom crimes and suggestions for bathroom etiquette inspired by Sadie's list plus a few extra...

  • Not rolling up your used sanitary pads and tampons in toilet paper before throwing away. Other women have to open that disposer, too. We don't need to know about your flow.
  • Not fully flushing. Can't you check to make sure it all went down?
  • Lingering too long if others are in a stall taking care of business. 
  • Leaving toilet paper or seat guards everywhere.
  • As Jezebel calls it, TP Sabotage -- not letting the next woman know there is no toilet paper in the stall.
  • Pushing on a stall door without checking for feet. Come on! I'm crouching while holding my purse, my panties from hitting the floor, and I'm situated just so my jeans don't touch the puddle of who knows what under my feet -- I can't hold the door that well.
  • Not washing your hands...properly.
  • Not paying attention to personal space. If there is more than two stalls, use the one furthest away from the occupied stall.
  • Talking while peeing. I personally can talk and pee, but some people can't and don't like to. Good to keep in mind.
  • Show respect for the person who is obviously doing a number 2. I don't need to explain, right?
  • Speaking of number 2, courtesy flushes work wonders. A courtesy flush is a flush during the act to prevent odor.
  • And perhaps the most annoying, yet oh so true rhyme: If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be neat and wipe the seat.

Have more bathroom crimes to add? Please share!

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