No Sh*t? Swearing Proven to Lessen Pain

Are you the type to occasionally let an F-bomb slip if you stub your toe or slice your finger open? Don't feel guilty: New research shows that swearing may help to lessen the pain.


Cursing—only in extreme instances and not in front of children, of course!—usually makes me feel better. So I wasn't surprised at all to read about a new study showing a possible link between swearing and physical pain

Participants in the study were asked to put their hand in a tub of ice water for as long as possible while repeating a swear word of their choice; afterward, they repeated the experiment while repeating a non-obscene word. Can you guess under which circumstances they were able to keep their hands in the ice water longer? Yup. When they were swearing.

Do you have a potty mouth or do you try to keep it clean?

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