Get Smarter: Boost Brain Power in 3 Easy Ways

get smarter boost brain

Photo by LelandsMommy

My mom and dad poke fun at each other when they forget things and all they have to say is "gingko" and they laugh. The herb ginkgo biloba is said to increase memory.

Woman's Day has a great article with three things you can to to boost your brain's power...and, as they say, it doesn't include eating salmon and doing crossword puzzles.


Writer Annemarie Conte did some research and found...

  • Taking up a new hobby will put your fine-motor skills to work. Hmm...I always wanted to know how to knit.
  • Play the memory game. Pick five things and try to remember where they are located in a room. Test yourself two hours later. The more you try, the more exercise you are giving your brain.

Have you tried any of these brain exercises? Have any others to add?

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