Barbara Walters Has Low Self-Esteem and So Do I

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I jut took a self-esteem quiz at Discovery Health, and scored a whopping 35 on the "self esteem index," which means I have "relatively low self-esteem." According to the site, self esteem is the key to happiness and success. Uh-oh.


Yet there are now some psychologists say that high self-esteem isn't all it's cracked up to be, and that "fragile" high self-esteem (where you are constantly defending your self-worth) is no better than having low self-esteem.

Jim Collins, the author of Good to Great, says that self-esteem doesn't necessarily help people succeed—studies show it's not linked to academic or job performance. Self-esteem can make you feel like you're already good enough, which makes people lazy; whereas low self-esteem can make you work harder to prove yourself.

Look at Barbara Walters. Most of us would consider her a success, yet she wrote that she called her recent memoir Audition because "No matter how high my profile became, how many awards I received, or how much money I made, my fear was that it could all be taken away from me. I have always felt I was auditioning, either for a new job or to make sure I could hold on to the one I had."

So having more self-esteem isn't alwaysa good thing. That makes me feel a whole lot better about myself.

You can take Discovery Health's self-esteem quiz here.

How did you do on the quiz? Were you surprised by the results? Do you have more or less self esteem than you thought you did?


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