Love Your Body Post-Pregnancy

shape of a mother love your bodySo many women struggle with body image issues—especially after having children. But what if instead of hiding our stretch marks and sagging skin, we celebrated them?


That's exactly the idea behind The Shape of a Mother, a web site showcasing photos that real mothers have sent in of their bellies, boobs, bums, legs and other body parts that have changed since pregnancy. Moms who submit photos also include testimonials detailing the ups and downs they've had with respect to their body image.

It's easy to feel bad about ourselves when we see images of perfect, airbrushed bodies everywhere we turn.

To counteract the negative effects these types of media have on women's self-esteem, The Shape of a Mother aims to help mothers feel beautiful by celebrating the bodies that created and nourished their children.

Trust me, this is powerful stuff. I encourage you to visit the site (except maybe not at work since some of the photos are revealing).

Are you at peace with how your body changed post-pregnancy?

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