It's Mosquito Season: How to Protect Your Family

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Mosquitoes will bite anything!

I usually get bit by mosquitoes...a lot. But the other day I was having lunch with my friend who must have gotten bit seven times all over her legs as we sat in the outdoor area of a restaurant. I didn't get bit once. Maybe she is sweeter.

I felt so bad -- her wedding is on Friday and she is wearing a short dress!

If you and your family have been scratching at those pesky bites, you know mosquito season is here.


The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has important information on controlling mosquitoes and also West Nile Virus.

The Environmental Protection Agency also has some useful tips on how to use insect repellents safely on your family and pets. Also check out some more thoughts on how to prevent bug bites.

According to the CDC, the top four things you can do to prevent mosquito infestation is:

  •     Use mosquito repellent
  •     Eliminate standing water where mosquitoes can lay eggs
  •     Install or repair window and door screens
  •     Support community-based mosquito control programs

I'm itchy just thinking about this.

What's your plan to combat mosquitoes?


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