New Guidelines for Working Out

sukimama's dog working on his 150 minutes.

I'm depressed this morning to find out that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services just recommended 150 minutes of moderately intense exercise every week according to The New York Times.

150 minutes? That's two and a half hours.

I'm all for it because working out gives me energy, tones my tummy. And I sleep better when I exercise. My problem is that there are only 24 hours in a day, and I need to spend at least seven and half of them sleeping.

Is 150 minutes really doable?


Some weeks it is. This week, for example, I was able to get to the gym three times clocking 55 minutes a pop in yoga, Zumba and strength classes. But I paid for it: I had to stay up late to get my tasks done because workout time cuts into my real work time.

To squeeze in more exercise, I might try working out at home. Here are some great CafeMom suggestions for the best workout videos in 30 minutes or less. Like cameron536, I'm also partial to old school Denise Austin at home.

What do you think? Can you get in 150 minutes a week?

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