Things Moms Lose as They Age -- the Good and the Bad

things you lose with ageI'm sure some people out there would consider 30 old, but I'm not one of them! Still, the inevitability of age is that even when your DOB falls within the same decade as stunners like Cameron Diaz and Rachel McAdams, you still aren't what you were at 20 or 17 or 10. There are things you are losing that you really want to keep, like your waist and free time.

But there are also some really GOOD things you lose, too.

Check out this mix of both from the ladies of the Thirtysomething Moms group (private, requires membership), who were sharing the things they are starting to lose at their current age the other day as part of the Topic Today discussion.

  • My mind and my body. I sure as heck don't  have the body I had at 25 anymore.
  • Confidence.
  • My eyesight isn't as good as it was 10 years ago.
  • Hope of ever becoming a marine biologist.
  • My concern of what others think of me. I feel more secure about who I am as I get older.
  • Patience for stupidity in so-called adults who think the world owes them something and they shouldn't have to work for anything.
  • The tendency to worry about the small things.
  • My hair color. I'm BFF with my colorist.

What are you losing at your current age? Are you happy at your current place in life or do you wish you were younger -- or older?

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