Would You Change Your Eye Color?

surgically change eye colorThere's a new surgical procedure that lets you permanently change the color of your eyes. It's from a company called NewColorIris.

I'm a brown-eyed girl and plan to stay that way, but I was really curious about the new operation and took a peek at the website recently. (Funny, when I checked again yesterday, the site is currently under construction and it couldn't be viewed. I'll bet it's because this procedure, which isn't available in the US yet, is getting a lot of interest.)

In the surgery, doctors take a colored disc -- green, blue or butterscotch -- and physically implant it over your existing iris.

CafeMoms who've already heard about this overwhelmingly say "no way" to permanently changing their eye color this way. Many, however, do use colored contacts, which they equate more to dressing up for the occasion. It's fun to do from time to time.


"That's INSANE! Now, I WOULD get my boobs done in a heartbeat though," said one mom in the Newcomer's Club thread. "I think changing your eye color is a little over the top. How ugly can your eye color possibly be?"

But 20 percent of moms in a poll said they would do the implant procedure if they had the money.



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Do you like your eye color or would you really like to change it? Do you have the same color eyes as your children?

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