Would You Use a Male Midwife?

There are lots of discussions around CafeMom about whether it's better to have a male or female OBGYN or professional treat you in matters of reproductive health and childbirth.

Here are just a few:

Male or female doctors?

Which sex is better?

Many moms say they prefer midwives because of the more natural approach and because they can relate better to what they are going through. From the gist of these conversations, the midwives these moms are talking about are women.

So here's another question ... would you use a male midwife?


They do exist. You can Google it. You'll find a few blogs from guys who say they feel discriminated against, both by others in their profession and patients, for being a man. "Midwife," by the way, translates to "with woman," so it's still the correct term regardless of the practitioner's gender.



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If you use a midwife, is it partly because of her gender? What would be the difference if that person was a man?

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