Most Annoying (and Unsafe!) Driving Habits

bad driving habitsIf you read this post in The Cafe that one mom wrote therapeutically to vent about her two close calls in traffic accidents the other day, you'll be amazed at the number of bad driver horror stories that abound.

Drivers running red lights, near miss T-bones, rear-ending, swerving into lanes. Reckless drivers nearly crashing into innocent people who were driving safely and obeying the traffic laws.

I really used to think it was just me who encountered these crazies on a daily basis. Now I know they are everywhere. And to the mom who commented that Florida drivers are the worst, I beg to differ. New York drivers, any day of the week.



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Are you guilty of any of the bad driver offenses? So you're telling me you never talk on your cell behind the wheel?

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