You Should Poop at Least Once a Day: True or False?


don't swallow your gum

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There are a lot of old wives' tales about your health. Which should you believe? Two doctors—Aaron E. Carroll, M.D. and Rachel C. Vreeman, M.D.—have answered that question in their new book Don't Swallow Your Gum! Myths, Half-Truths, and Outright Lies About Your Body and Health.


I haven't seen the book yet, but it sounds like a lot of fun. Tara Parker-Pope addressed eleven health myths in her blog Well. Based on that, I've put together this little quiz.


Answer True or False:

1. Cold weather makes you sick.

2. Green mucus indicates a sinus infection.

3. You lose most of your heat through your head.

4. Cracking your knuckles causes arthritis.

5. Milk makes you phlegmy.

6. Birth control pills don't work as well when you're on antibiotics.

7. Single people have better sex lives than married people.

8. Sugar makes kids hyper.

9. It's okay to double dip in the chip dip.

10. Food quickly picked up off the floor is safe to eat.

11. You should poop at least once a day.


If you answered False to all of these statements, you are correct! All of them are medical myths that many of us believe, but aren't true. Repeat after me: Sugar does not make kids hyper.

For the explanations, click here.

How did you score?

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