Depressed? Think Negative

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Whenever I'm depressed, I remind myself to think positive. It turns out that might make me feel worse rather than feeling better. How so?


New research shows that thinking positive may not help people with low self-esteem because it only reinforces the negative image they have of themselves.

For example, if I don't feel like I'm lovable, but I keep saying "I am a lovable person," the statement will just be a reminder that I don't see myself as lovable.

So positive self-talk works only when the person who’s doing it really believes it—which is kind of useless for all of us Debbie Downers. And that's why the researchers say that self-help books may be of no use to people with low self-esteem.

Do you have good self-esteem? If not, what kinds of things do you do to make yourself feel better? Have you tried self-help books? Do they work? What's your favorite one?

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