Lower Your Risk of Cancer with Calcium

calcium lowers risk of cancer

Photo from Tropicana

A few of my loved ones have passed away from cancer, and it's also what took Farrah Fawcett from this world, too. The C word scares me.

It's so important for us women to make sure we have enough calcium -- it can lower our risk for cancer.

And there's more ways for us to get it than drinking milk. Good news for the lactose intolerant.


Whole Living magazine referenced a study that found that women can lower their risk of cancer by eating lots of calcium-rich foods. It's recommended that we get 1,000 mg of calcium (1,200 for post-menopausal) -- and you can start by adding calcium-fortified orange juice or low-fat yogurt to your diet.

In addition, beans are rich in calcium, especially soy beans, oats, and white beans. Leafy greens are great, too, particularly cabbage and bok choy.

Do you have enough calcium in your diet?

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