Green, Reusable Maxi Pads by a CafeMom


Traditional maxi-pads irritated EuroMomTX's delicate areas after she gave birth. So she decided to start making her own at home.

Her idea caught on.

This entrepreneurial mom of two currently sells 80 of her natural, reusable cloth pads per month at her online store Domino Pads and on Etsy. She does all of the work herself, and she just moved her work studio out of her dining room and into a spare bedroom at her house.

I was totally inspired by her idea and her hard work. This week, I asked her for more information.

1. What gave you the idea to start making Domino Pads?

I really never thought of cloth until I had my first child. I had bought a whole stash of cloth diapers for my little one because I wanted him to be comfortable, but I used disposable postpartum pads for myself. Big mistake. It turned out I was sensitive to the chemicals in the disposable pads and had a really hard time recovering from a tiny tear. As soon as I switched to cloth I felt so much better. The catalyst for making my own was that I always found something worth improving on with the other pads I tried. I wanted pads that were less bulky/softer/were easier to use/etc. So I set out to design my own.

2. How often should women change their Domino Pads?

That really depends (different people have different flow rates, etc. at different times in their life) but what's nice about the bamboo velour is that it tends to draw the wetness away from your body and still feel very comfortable even when wet. So far the different absorbencies have usually exceeded people's expectations. 

3. Do they leak?

Not at all! That's the neat thing about Wind Pro fleece, a material I use that's not only breathable but also leak-proof.

4. How do you clean them?

Some people make a science out of it - others just toss them in the machine. I just wash mine with my diapers or regular clothes.

5. How much do they cost?

The starter kit is $25.75 and comes with one pantyliner, one medium pad and one night pad.

Congrats to EuroMomTX on her awesome home-based business and on her one-month-old baby girl. Pretty cool.

Would you ever consider using cotton pads instead of drug store ones?


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EuroM... EuroMomTX

Thanks so much for featuring my pads!

I just wanted to post a quick correction: All of the pads are actually sewn together (the liner is sewn to the pad so they are not separate). A small variety pack may make a good economical starter kit and that would be 1 pantyliner, 1 medium pad and 1 night pad for $25.75.

worke... workenmom

that's pretty interesting and a great idea, I hope there odorless 'cause if you're like me and do laundry every other weekend i'd hate to smell that, but then again if you do have a baby in cloth diapers and just do a load with them i guess you'd do them more often, either way it's a good idea.

joann... joannesevern

I Think you have a great idea!  Make sure you get your name on it before someone takes your idea then try to sell it to big companies go to inventions .com and  they will help you from there. Good luck and god bless.

rocke... rockerchic


And an awesome Idea!!!

Pudge... Pudge_Pie20

that is an interesting concept. do they wear out with time or do they hold up pretty well? because it could be cost effective even if they last

maisah maisah

I was thinking of this.... they just coast so much now aday use them and throw them away... I look at it as cloth diapers.... what a great idea.... I like this better than the cup thingy...

maisah maisah

O! If you can PM me some info that would be great... I would like to know the coast of a package of al overnights...

.Aman... .Amanda.Dawn.

I just ordered some of these a while back and haven't had the chance to use them yet since I'm 6 months postpartum but I have to say they feel so soft and seem very well made.  Thanks for making them, what a wonderful idea!

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