Move of the Week: Countertop Push-Ups

Between the grocery shopping, picking up the kids from summer camp, cooking, and cleaning, it's easy to see why moms have it hard finding time to exercise. That's why I love this countertop push-up exercise by Squeeze It In, you can do while you're waiting for the noodles to boil.


Stand with hands placed on the countertop shoulder width apart. Bend arms and lower chest to within a few inches of the countertop. Press yourself back up to the starting position.  Repeat.

Do not lock elbows. Remember to squeeze in your abs and breathe throughout this exercise. Repeat this action for at least 2 sets of 12 reps.

Variation: Single arm chest press. Press yourself up using one arm at a time.  Alternate arms.

Have you created exercises that you work into your normal daily duties?

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