Are You a Negative or Positive Person?

negative positive outlook

Photo by GidgetgirlB

You know the saying: Is the glass half empty or half full? I guess depending on how you see it, you are a negative or positive person.

I know it's not as simple as that, but the way we think not only affects us, but our family as well.

I used to be a very negative person. But over the years, I've tried to have a brighter approach.


Sure things aren't always shiny happy sunshine and flowers, but they certainly aren't all gloom and doom either.

I made the decision to see the bright side of things, even when it seemed there wasn't a light in sight. So...what I do is this.

If something bad happens, or there is a setback in my family's life of some sort, I look for the positive. Like when my husband lost his job from the recession, I thought...OK, now he can take care of groceries, clean the house, have dinner ready for us, all while looking for a new job. This setback ended up working out great -- we saved money by cooking more at home and he made healthier choices for us as well. No more rushing at the supermarket. I'm going to miss that now that he has a new job. (Though the income he brings in was very needed.)

Do you try to see the positive in things? Share what you do to squash those negative thoughts.

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