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Are Flip-Flops Safe to Wear Every Day?

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flip-flop dangersI was practically living in my flip-flops this summer—until I read this article from AOL Health about the hazards of flip-flops. I had no idea my feet were in such danger!

Apparently, flip-flops can lead to a variety of disgusting- and horrifying-sounding foot infections and foot injuries. Here are some of the risks of wearing them all day, every day:

  • Flip-flops can't protect your feet against germs, dirt, garbage, etc. This is particularly dangerous if your feet have cuts, scrapes, blisters, or open wounds, because it could lead to infections (like staph infections).
  • The thong can irritate the inside of your toes, leading to fungal infections.
  • Your toes are more susceptible to being stubbed or other injury.
  • Your entire foot is exposed to the sun, which increases your risk of sunburn and skin damage.
  • Because most flip-flops are flimsy and can fall off easily, they can be dangerous to wear while driving.
  • Lack of shock absorption and support can cause leg, hip, knee, and lower back pain.
  • Because flip-flops have no support in the arch or heel, you may be more susceptible to injuries like stress fractures, shin splints, Achilles tendons and plantar fasciitis.
  • Flip-flops can cause you to trip or fall.

Do you wear flip-flops every day?

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auror... aurorabunny

I've worn nothing but flip-flips daily for years and I've never had any of those problems.  AOL must be in bed with the sneaker companies. ;)

sstepph sstepph

Yep every single day. Love em love em love em!!

RanaA... RanaAurora

I wear them practically every day.  A lot of those are silly.  I'm not going to WEAR flip flops that irritate my feet with the toe thong.  That's um, obvious, LOL. 
You can buy flip flops that ARE more cushioned.  I have really nice Adidas ones that have a very comfortable gel sole that DOES cushion the arch as well.
Properly-fitting flip flops aren't going to make you fall.

Almost all of these can be applied to ALL sandals and a lot of heels also... is closed-toed going to be safer than open-toed?  Uh, duh  ANd steel toe is the safest.  But unless you're working in an area where you're likely to be dropping heavy crap on your feet, climbing ladders, walking around dangerous things, who CARES?

fmchavez fmchavez

Actually RanaAurora, Steel toed isn't always safest. If you work near powerlines like my husband, wearing them is just asking to be electrocuted. Oh sure, hr got a great excuse to buy $300 boots. Saving his life, blah, blah, blah. No just kidding.

But I know that is the exception, not the rule. lol

I love my flip flops, but it hasn't really been nice enough here for me to wear them.

sweet... sweetheart4171

never had any of those problems....I live in my flip flops during the summer, I certainly wouldn't jeopardize my feet if I felt they were a problem and no problems thus far!!!  Easy on, easy off...don't have time for anything more in the summer!

RanaA... RanaAurora

fmchavez, yikes!  I was merely thinking about stubbing your toe, cutting your toes, etc.  My husband actually has kevlar-toed boots.  I'm assuming your husband probably does as well?

lucho... luchousdiva

I love flip flops.  I can see how the kids might get hurt.  I do see sometimes that the kids are always tripping but that is when I am always telling them don't play outside in them. 

young... youngmarriedmom

I'm a Floridian.. i totally wear them all the time. i have maybe 2 pairs of sneakers an  around 80 of flip flops.. i wear them always, an now that i live in NC i still wear them. hell i even wore them when it snowed. point being, I'm fine, my toes are fine.. never even had athletes foot so there AOL!  i giving heart flip flops!!

ladys... ladysylpher

I wear my flips flops ALL the time and I always spray sunscreen on my feet before going out. 

I know this stuff COULD happen but its really not likely. :)

jennm... jennmarie77

I'd rather walk around barefoot, but alas in our state it's illegal to enter a store without shoes on so I opt for flip flops.  I have a good amount of flip flops (need one in each color or so I tell my hubby when he complains that I have x amount at home) and I wear them everywhere.  I have dressier ones for church and plain boring ones for every day wear. 

I have found that I can't wear most kinds of sandels because they just don't fit my feet right.  So until they make better summer footwear for odd shaped feet, I'll stick on my flip flops.

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