New Carpal Tunnel Treatment

cupping treatment for carpal tunnelI'm writing this story about carpal tunnel syndrome because as I type this sentence my wrists are killing me and it seemed appropriate.

Now, I don't technically have carpal tunnel, which is when overworked muscles, tendons and ligaments compress nerves.

My problem is that my tendons and ligaments are too flexible, so my arms and hands have to work extra hard to keep in the typing pose. None of my nerves are involved. But the symptoms are the same, horrible pain and tingling in my elbows, wrists and fingers.

There's no cure, or treatment, or surgery that will work 100 percent to take away my pain. So I'm curious about a strange new carpal tunnel treatment called cupping.


The procedure is a bit more complicated than this, but basically it involves a doctor making five to 10 punctures in the skin around the shoulder, and then going to town on the area with this big suction cup thingie.

Yeah, sounds a little freaky, but it's based on Eastern Medicine. Apparently they've been doing it in China, Eastern Europe, India, Arabia, and parts of Africa for some time successfully.

In a very small study in Germany recently, study participants experienced a highly significant decrease in pain and other symptoms. A single treatment helped them function better for a whole week.

I'm not the guinea pig type, and this procedure probably wouldn't work for what I've got, but the way I'm hurting right now, I'd let them suction me in a second.

Have you ever used alternative medicine to treat an ailment? How did it work?

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