Thin and Sexy With Big Boobs is Not In!

body shapes men prefer

Do men really prefer

hourglass figures?

The Girls Next Door stars sure seem to get a lot of attention when they're out on the town. But apparently, most men aren't interested in their bodies (it must be their brains that guys go ga ga for) so save your money if you're planning on getting a boob job.


According to a recent Australian study, men (Australian men, anyway) prefer women with size 12 bodies.

Researchers showed the guys some line drawings of women's figures and asked them to pick the most appealing ones. The drawings the majority of men preferred were those that closely resembled an average woman's body rather than a centerfold's body.

That said, who cares what guys think of your body? The person it's most important to make happy is yourself—but women tend to be harder on themselves than anyone. I wonder how the study would have turned out if the researchers asked female subjects to choose their "ideal" body?

Are you happy with your body? What's your ideal body size and shape? What (female) celebrity do you think has the perfect bod?

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