Exercising Outdoors Can Be Fun

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Looking for some motivation to get fit and lose weight this summer? The warm weather is the perfect excuse to get outside and exercise. Check out KeaganzMommy07's daily outdoor exercise routine: She speed-walks for 2 miles with her toddler, does pull-ups on his swing set, and climbs up and down the steps to her house. It's impressive...but do-able, right?


Lots of moms say they don't work out because they can't afford a fancy gym, can't stand the monotony of exercise DVD's, or just don't have the time. But exercise doesn't have to be such a formal, regimented, dreaded affair.

In the summer there are plenty of fun outdoor activities that not only burn serious calories but can be done with the kids in tow or as part of daily household/yard chores. Here are a few ideas to get you outside and moving:

  • Walking (or speed-walking): Walking just 20 minutes a day burns about 100 extra calories. Make it fun by inviting a partner or friend to join you. Or pull/push your kids in a stroller or wagon or bring the dog while you walk for added resistance.
  • Cycling: Family bike rides around the neighborhood burn more calories than you might think.
  • Swimming: Water resistance activities are some of the best exercises because they require you to use all the muscles in your body. Swim laps in the local pool, or splash around with the kids at the beach.
  • Gardening or other yard work: Burn calories in the garden by shoveling, raking, pruning, mowing, planting, etc.
  • Playing with the kids: Any activity you do outside with your kids is good for your fitness, whether that be a game of throw-and-catch or pushing them on the swing. You could even walk quickly alongside of them while they ride their bike or tricycle.

How do you keep active in the summer?

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