Sleep Problems: When Moms Should Skip Drugs

sleep problemsI'm all for going the natural route when possible, but when that fails and mama needs to sleep, drugs may be necessary. Caring for a new baby who needs you constantly, driving your kids to school and practice -- need I say more?

Unfortunately, as well as drugs may put mom out, it's not a good idea if you're alone. Mom needs to be on constant alert at night, ready to spring up and care for a child when the call comes.

Benadryl is my snooze inducer of choice. I'm out in 15 minutes, and I wake up after 8 hours feeling great.

But in the meantime? You could set me on fire and I wouldn't know it. So, I can only take the drug when my husband is home to keep a watch over things.



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Have you ever suffered from insomnia? How did you overcome it?

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