Give Blood in Honor of Saw V

See blood, give blood

In case you don't see enough blood in the Saw movies, the Saw people would like you to look at some more.

Of your own.

But for a good, safe cause. The Saw V Annual Halloween Blood Drive is in full force. And if you give blood by the new movie's opening day this Friday, October 24, you can get $2 off your movie ticket.


On a more serious note, hurricanes Gustav, Ike and Hanna whipped through the Southwest earlier this year, affecting up to 15 percent of the US blood supply. So now is a good time to contribute (if you're not pregnant, that is--if you are, ask your doctor).

I don't mind bloodletting at blood drives. But I can't think too much about horror; I get scared after certain episodes of Nip/Tuck. To find a violent Jigsaw discussion, join the active Mommies Who Love Horror group. They promise not to get too scary. Maybe.

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