Yoga Relieves Economic Stress

Photo by CMHmommy

Like everyone these days, I'm trying to lower my monthly bills. I wonder if I should slash my workouts at the local YMCA; I especially like yoga. But according to an article in this week's New York Times, people will probably hang onto memberships if they can because working out reduces stress in times of economic uncertainty.


What I took home from this article is that whether you are a member at a sports club or not, keep up the workouts. Yoga in particular is known for stress reduction. But whatever you do, now is the time for sweat. Just check out CafeMoms enthusiastic answers to this question, Does anyone do yoga? If so, what benefits does it have on your body and mind?

Whether you're a gym member or not, stay tuned. I'll be covering cheap ways to do yoga, Pilates and other exercises at home on the cheap in the next few weeks. And don't miss MyTwoAngels0608 tips on working out with baby.

Will you consider trying yoga to reduce money stress?

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