Yoga Reduces Asthma Symptoms

yoga helps those with asthmaHere's yet another heath benefit of yoga. A new medical study proves what some yogis have thought for a while now: Yoga can improve symptoms and the quality of life for some people with asthma.


Participants with asthma were asked to practice yoga for 2.5 hours a week for 10 weeks, concentrating on holding poses up to 1 minute and deep breathing. After the 10-week period, they reported improved symptoms, and some were even able to cut back on their asthma medication.

According to one of the doctors in charge of the study, the link between yoga and reducing asthma symptoms is not surprising. "Breathing symptoms are such a big part of asthma in terms of gaining control over them. Yoga enhances awareness of breathing and you may be able to recognize early on when breathing is not at a level it should be, which would promote earlier care," he said.

Reducing asthma is only one benefit of yoga. Other benefits included increased flexibility, toned muscles, reduced stress, better posture, concentration, and balance.

Do you do yoga? Why do you practice?

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