Me Time: How Often Do You Get Some?

me time

Photo by stacy77

A little me time makes me this happy!

My husband has band practice once a week, plus he often records in his studio on another night. So I've got two nights where I'm on my own (not counting the babies in the belly or the two crazy cats). And I kind of like it.

Sure there is the occasional night where I wish he was there -- like when I watch a TV with UFOs or a murder and I'm all freaked out and don't want to be alone -- but most times, it's nice. It's my me time.


Me time, when you totally relax and turn off the part of the brain that won't stop thinking, can help reduce stress.

Sometimes I watch TV, other times I read a magazine or book, maybe I'll paint my nails or even give myself a facial while I soak my feet while listening to music. It's a good time -- all of it.

Do you have me time? What do you do during your time alone?

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