Do You Take Expired Medications?

taking expired medicationsA few ladies in Answers were talking about getting some great deals on OTC drugs like aspirin and cold medicine. There's a catch. Most "sale" drugs expire soon, which is why you can buy them so cheaply.

And who can reasonably go through a 500-count bottle of aspirin in one month (noone, I hope!)?

"Outlet stores sell stuff that is going to expire," says Niki_sd. "To get an expiration date printed on a bottle, the drug company has to show that the drug is stable for that amount of time. After that, the drug starts to decompose and is less effective. Some items can turn and be dangerous, but most of them are just not effective.


It got me thinking about all the things I should be clearing out of my own medicine cabinet. Most are what I call specialty drugs, things I only use once in a while that are either very expensive or require a doctor's visit to get another refill.

For instance: sleeping pills I like to keep on hand, quick fix tablets for urinary tract infections, prescription cough syrup that knocks me out during super bad colds.

All ages old and probably expired. But I know I'll keep them anyway. I refuse to refill scripts for drugs I only use once in a while.


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What expired meds are lurking in your cabinet?

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