Labor or Root Canal -- What Hurts More?

fear of dental workI think most of us know the answer to that. I can't say definitively because I haven't had both. But after suffering through two labors, one of them completely natural, I can't imagine anything more painful than pushing little humans through one's tightly spaced pelvic bones.

It's funny how our brains and bodies work to dilute our perceptions of childbirth shortly after delivery. While I can still safely say that labor hurt like heck, I cannot say I can remember the specific feeling, per say. Cramps, pressure. Images of tiny, knife-bearing elves partying around my insides comes to mind ... but it's hazy.


Wouldn't it be great if our brains could tweak our brains when it came to other procedures? Modern dental work is getting easier on the mouth and nerves, and yet root canal and other treatments are still high on the Most Feared Medical Procedures List. I have no idea what a root canal even entails, but the name alone is scary. For this I envision those little elves armed with shovels digging tunnels in and around my gums ... shriek!

PrttyMstng is also a dental hygienist who's assisted in root canals for more than 20 years.

"It's not even necessary to be put to sleep for a root canal," she says. "It's painless. People associate pain with root canals because they are in pain sometimes before the treatment. What you will feel isn't any different than being numb for a filling."

"I was in NO pain whatsoever after the numbing meds wore off," said bert_brittany. "And that was when I was a cry baby."

Did you ever go through anything that was MORE physically painful than labor? I hope not!

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