Working When You Feel Like Dying

working while sick

Does it bother you when other people come to work sick, all sniffling, sneezy and germy?

A mom in the Newcomer's Club describes a recent incident with her boss, the owner of a hair salon: "She was vomiting all morning and then came to work and vomited some more. There was a bride who was getting married soon, and she did her hair. I sincerely hope that the bride didn't get sick for her honeymoon."

Does it bother you when co-workers bring their sick kids to work with them?

Another mom story: "I love kids, but not when they have snotty noses and touch everything on my desk. If you're sick or you have a sick kid -- seriously, stay at home!"


No one likes to work when they feel crappy, but some people are up against a wall. No show, no paycheck. And when sick kids are banned from day care on the same day as a big meeting or project deadline, many parents have little choice but to tote them along.

Moms in the Newcomer's discussion also shared stories of horrible bosses who order them to show up to work despite illness. One poster, a cashier, purposely threw up on her boss to get the point across.

She should let him know about a recent study that found employees who often come to work sick have a higher number of absenses later on. The best thing for everyone, it seems, is to stay home and get well.



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